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This is a very simple scroller script that can be added to any HTML page, to a sidebar.js or under your menu in the menu.js. This add-on has been tested and is compatible in IE, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, Firefox and Opera browsers.

ADD-ON BUGS (HTML 4.01 Version):
You may encounter some problems in some templates with the "auto scrolling" add-on in IE due to bugs in this browser. In some cases the scroller will not work on your local hard drive but may work when uploaded. In some cases your template DOCTYPE may be the problem. Be aware Allwebco does NOT provide support for these errors. If this scroller works in your template in IE then it will cause no problems and will work in all other newer browsers.

The Examples >>>
On the right on this page are three examples. All examples are an embedded standard HTML page that uses an IFrame and Javascript to scroll. Example one is set to scroll through the page and then rescroll from the bottom. Example two is set to scroll through and then restart. Example three is like example one but is setup with an RSS type news feed. This feed is using a Javascript feed and not an XML or RSS feed. This news feed can be added to any HTML website is available for free at For more info please see adding news feeds.

Download the script and files:
Click below to download the embedded HTML page and code samples for this add-on. See the included help page for setup instructions.

HTML 4.01 Example
HTML 4.01 Download:
Download Scrolling News With Samples (.zip HTML 4.01)

HTML5 Example
HTML5 Download:
Download Scrolling News With Samples (.zip HTML5)

News Window Options:

Available options
See the help page included with the download and also check options below.

Set speeds:
You can edit the "news_win.htm" to change speeds and starting pause time. These are variables near the bottom of this page. See the notes in this file in HTML source view.

Responsive Website Templates

News font colors:
You can edit the page font colors and sizes. This will be the CSS code near the top of the "news_win.htm".

News box, border and title colors:
The box colors and title color will be in the HTML code you added to your pages. Not in the "news_win.htm".

News box size:
If you change the size of the IFrame window edit the sizes in 2 places. The "frameheight" variable in the "news_win.htm" and also edit the height and width in the code you added to your webpages.

These 2 sizes need to match so the text re-scrolls from the bottom of the window. The height in the default download code is 204.

For the HTML5 version also edit the width: 158px; in the code you added to your webpages for the outer border, editing a total of 3 widths.

Restart or scroll again option:
To have the scroller reload at the top for the second time through, change the "frameheight" to "2" and change the "nextdelay" to "1" or "2". If you are re-scrolling set the "nextdelay" to 0. See "Examples" on this support page.

Link targets:
The "news_win.htm" includes two target "_top" sample links. You can use this target or you can use a target="_blank" to target links outside the scroller window.

Multiple scrollers:
You can add as many scrollers to your HTML pages as you need. Use the same code included in the download. Edit the src="news_win.htm" to for example src="news_win2.htm" in one place. Make a copy of the src="news_win.htm" and name it src="news_win2.htm".

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