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Allwebco templates were originally created in Notepad but they can be edited using Adobe Dreamweaver software. Some edits will need to be done in a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit on Mac. Because the templates were created to be used with any HTML editor, they do not contain proprietary files specifically for Dreamweaver.

Note: If you are seeing a blank white page while editing in Dreamweaver see:

HTML software showing a blank page

Step #1:
Download and unzip your template. Click for unzipping help.

Step #2:
Once your template is unzipped, find the help.html and follow the steps. You'll want to start your editing on your local hard drive before you "publish" or upload the site using FTP software. Before starting the Dreamweaver editing, you'll need to edit some files in Notepad or a plain text editor as outlined on the "help.html". See Notepad editing.

Step #3:
Start editing. Open Dreamweaver, browse to the folder where you unzipped the template files and start with the homepage (index.html). You can optionally drag HTML pages into the Dreamweaver software window to edit them. See editing tips.

Once you have the steps on the "help.html" completed, and have uploaded to your hosting domain, you can then edit the template webpages on-line using Dreamweaver. See the help included with your DW software for on-line editing and publishing.

Previewing Your Work:
When editing in Dreamweaver, the header, footer, sidebar and menu may not be visible. This is because these areas use global javascript files and are edited using Notepad (see your "help.html"). You'll want to have Dreamweaver and a web browser open at the same time. Edit an HTML page in Dreamweaver, then open the same page (you can drag and drop from your website folder into the browser) in your browser and view the edits. Do more edits, then "refresh" (using the F5 key) your browser window.

Step #4: Publishing
FTP upload your web template files and folder the first time using FTP software. After the initial upload, you can then do all future updates using the publishing option. See: Publishing in Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver Editing

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