FTP Setup and Uploading in Windows

Windows FTP uploading support

Sticky Note FTP Uploading in Windows
FTP (file transfer protocol) software is required to upload website files and HTML webpages to your hosting domain. Upload to the folder indicated by your web hosting company.

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FTP In Windows:
You can upload to your hosting domain using Windows Explorer, My Computer or Internet Explorer (Windows XP and later). Use the following steps.

Step #1
Open Internet Explorer or My Computer or Windows Explorer. In the address bar put in your domain starting with "ftp://" for example: "ftp://your-web-domain.com".

FTP Windows Address

Step #2
Hit the enter key one time.

Step #3
Under "File" on the menu choose "login as" and type in your username and password and select "Log On". With Allwebco hosting your username will usually be your domain name without the .com extension.

FTP Windows

Step #4
Browse to the correct hosting login folder to upload. With Allwebco hosting this will be the "public_html" or "www" folder (see where to upload if you're not sure).

FTP Windows

Step #5
Open the template folder on your local computer hard drive with a new instance of Windows Explorer, or by browsing through "My Computer". To start uploading, drag over the template files from your computer hard drive folder into your open hosting login folder.

Notes: Contact and Quotes page setup:
You may not be able to CHMOD your contact cgi script using the method above, and will need separate FTP software. See: contact form setup for details.

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