Where do you upload website files?

Website FTP uploading and support

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FTP (file transfer protocol) software is required to upload website files and HTML webpages to your hosting domain. Upload to the folder indicated by your web hosting company.

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Folders to upload into
If you have either cPanel or Allwebco web hosting you can upload website files into the existing "public_html" or "www" folder. If you have another hosting company the upload folder may be named "www" or "htdocs" or public_html" or "html" or something similar. You may want to contact your web hosting company support so they can tell you the exact folder name to upload into.

Click visual below to view a screenshot folder view of where to upload. The example screenshot is a view using CuteFTP software. Most other FTP client software will appear about the same.

FTP upload software window

What files do I upload?
You will upload all files in your template folder and all subfolder and files in these subfolders. You do not need to upload the "extras" folder. If your template uses Flash you don't need to upload the .fla files in the template "flash" folder but may need to upload the "flash" folder. The template "readme.txt" does not need to be uploaded. Upload all other files that were included with your template.

Note: If you upload, and areas are missing, you may not have uploaded all file into their folders.

Possible folder names
The following is a list of possible names your host company may use in your hosting domain account for you to upload your HTML pages and other website files into.
  • public_html
  • www
  • htdocs
  • html
  • Contact your hosting company if you're not sure

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