Editing HTML5 Web Templates

Tips for editing Allwebco web templates

HTML5 Editing Tips
HTML5 is subsume to (can be implemented with) other HTML code and works in conjunction with other versions of HTML including version 4.01. Css styles, Javascript and jQuery are also used with HTML5.

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Check if your website is using HTML5
View the first line of code in one of your HTML pages and you'll see the following doctype:

<!doctype html>

If your template is not HTML5 the doctype will appear like the following, and instead be using the last revision of HTML, version 4.01:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

Editing software and HTML5 issues
Older HTML software may have difficulty editing HTML5 documents. Here are some options:
  • Before You Start Editing: With any software you choose, check under the software "tools" or "options" and look for an option similar to "Preserve Existing html" or "preserve source code" and make sure to "check" the option to on. This option, if available, should be checked so you will not disturb any existing template code.

    Example, in "Kompozer" go to:

    Options > General > When Saving or Publishing Pages > Retain original source formatting

    Example, in "Frontpage" go to:

    Tools > Page Options > HTML Source > Preserve Existing html

  • Upgrade Your Software: You may want to consider upgrading your software or purchasing new software for editing HTML5 websites.

  • Editing using older software: You can temporarily change the doctype to an older HTML version while editing and then change it before uploading your template. Please note that some of the layout design, video and website features may not work with an older doctype.

    Temporarily edit this doctype on the first line in each HTML page...

    <!doctype html>

    ...to this doctype...

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

    Be sure to change the doctype back when you are done editing.

Mixing older HTML 4.01 with HTML5 code
Although you can mix versions of HTML in a webpage, it is advisable to use a current HTML software editing package, particularly when editing responsive design websites.

HTML5 and HTML 4.01 can be mixed in a webpage, but use caution. Some older editing software, when adding new elements like tables, may use older HTML 4.01 code. This will cause no problems (in non-responsive templates) and the webpages should still display properly. It is recommended that you upgrade to HTML5 software if possible.

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