Header Menu or Sidebar Not Working in IE10 and IE11

Internet Explorer Javascript problems and fixes

Internet Explorer Website Problems
The .js files like the header.js, menu.js, sidebar.js and footer.js are not appearing on the webpages. This can be either on-line or on your local hard drive and applies only when viewing in Internet Explorer.

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What to check first:
  • Make sure Javascript is turned on in your IE web browser.
  • Are you using "preview" mode in your HTML software? Try opening your IE browser first then go to the problem webpage.
  • Try emptying your browser cache and then refresh the webpage.
  • If this is IE on an Apple computer, this browser is no longer supported.
  • If it is not one of the above items do the steps below to fix your template files.

Fix Option #1: Fixing the .js files:
To fix the IE issue, edit all .js files in your template. In each .js file, on the very first line of the .js file replace the following code:

<-- Begin

...with two slashes like this:

// Begin

At the very bottom of each .js file remove the following code (the line may have extra notes or characters, you should remove the entire line!):





// End -->

js files that need to be edited:
You will need to do this edit in all template .js files. Some templates may include .js files inside sub-folders. Check the following folders and files:

  • contact.js
  • header.js
  • footer-copyright.js (all footer and copyright .js files)
  • javascripts.js
  • menu.js (all menu .js files)
  • phone.js
  • pop-closeup.js
  • sidebar.js (all sidebar .js files)
  • video.js files in the "videos" folder (and sub-folders).
  • slideshow.js files in the "slideshows" folder.
  • homeflash.js in the "text-slideshow" folder.
  • calendar.js in the "calendar.js" folder.
  • player.js files in the "samples" or "sounds" folders.
  • Check all other .js files in your template folder and sub-folders.
  • Tip: You can use the folder search (or right click) on your template top level folder to search for .js files and can check the dates to make sure you edited them all (you may need to change the advanced options to search in subfolders).

js files that do not need to be edited:
The following files do not need this update.
  • lytebox.js
  • Files in the "scroller" folder.
  • Files in the "jQuery" folder.

Fix Option #2: Request a new download:
Requires re-editing your files: Optionally you can request a new download and from the download zip file you can copy over all .js files. With this option you will need to re-edit your menu, header, footer and other .js files. Be sure you tell us you are downloading the template just for the .js files so we can send you the correct version download for your template model.

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