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Adding new Allwebco web template galleries

This support page is NOT for the following gallery types.

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Adding a gallery page:
Each Allwebco template comes with a fixed number of pages and galleries. Once you have started your setup you may need to add additional galleries. Different template models include a different number of galleries. This support pages assumes you have a template with 6 gallery HTML pages. If you have more or less, adjust the names and numbers below.

Step #1:
Open your website folder on your local hard drive and find the first gallery. In most templates this page will be named "gallery1.htm". In some templates it may be called "gallery.htm". Be sure you have a gallery page and NOT the gallery index (page that links to other gallery pages). Make a copy of the "gallery1.htm" inside the folder. It will probably be called "Copy of gallery1.htm".

Step #2:
Right click the "Copy of gallery1.htm" and choose rename. Rename it to "gallery7.htm" (these steps assume you have 6 galleries).

Step #3:
This edit is best done in Notepad or a plain text editor. Open the new "gallery7.htm" and do a "edit" "replace" (see visual, click below). Choose to find "1-" and replace it with "7-". If there are 9 pictures on the page, you will be replacing 18 items or more. If you are using Paypal forms you may be replacing 27 or more items. You can most likely just do a replace all.

Allwebco Template Adding New Gallery Pages

Step #4:
Create your new graphics. You must create a thumbnail and a full sized picture for each gallery image. The new thumbnails will be called (in most cases) "gallery7-1.jpg". The full sized image will be called "Fgallery7-1.jpg". Your names may vary depending on your template. You will name the new gallery pictures 7-1 through 7-9 (or 7-1 through 7-12) in most cases. These pictures all go in the "gallery" folder.

"gallery_pages" folder note: If your template includes a "gallery_pages" folder, you will need to make copies of the "Fgallery1-1.htm" page. Make one copy for each image on your new gallery page and name them as your gallery images are named ("Fgallery10-1.htm" through "Fgallery10-12.htm").

Step #5:
Add links to the new gallery pages. Depending on your template model you may add links to the: "menu.js", "menu_gallery.js", "menu_top.js", "gallery_nav.js", "gallery-menu.js" "sidebar.js" or "sidebar.htm" with an edit using Notepad. See your template "help.html" for details on the menus included in your template model.

In templates that include a gallery index named "gallery.htm" (A04, A06, A07, and others) you will need to add a new row of pictures. You will copy and paste from this note:

<!-- START COPY AND PASTE ZONE 2 --> this note:


Allwebco Template Adding New Gallery Pages

In templates that include only a single gallery you may want to add a text link on the first gallery page. EXAMPLE:

<a href="gallery2.htm">Next Gallery</a><br>

Removing Pages:
See help for setting up the menus

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