Adding, Removing, Changing Pages

Add and remove template HTML webpages

Once you have downloaded your template you will probably want to add and remove some pages. The templates are built in basic html so you can have as many or as few pages as you would like. Html pages take up very little server space so you can have hundreds of pages without any problems.

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Adding a Page Off-Line: (working on your local hard drive)
  1. Open the folder where you have unzipped the web template. Find a page that is formatted similar to the new page you intend to add. The "about.htm" is a good choice to make copies of, but you can choose any page that you like.
  2. Right click the page you want to copy and choose "copy".
  3. Right click in the folder window anywhere in the white area and choose "paste".
  4. Rename the page you have just created. (you may need to right click the file to choose rename)
  5. EXAMPLE: Make a copy of the "about.htm", rename this copy to "projects.htm".
  6. Edit the "menu.js" and add a link to this new page. See menu editing or drop menu editing. (Also see your template "help.html" in the options section for specific details on your template menu files.)
  7. Optionally, you will also edit the template "site_map.htm" and add a link to this new page.
  8. Optionally you can add a link in the "sidebar" or a link on any HTML page. See adding links.

Removing Pages: (working on your local hard drive)
If you remove a page, edit the "menu.js" and remove all links to this page. See help for menu editing or drop menu editing. You may also need to remove links in the "site_map.htm" and in the "sidebar".

Adding a Page Working On-Line: (working with software like Dreamweaver)
Since all software for editing websites on-line is different it is best to check the included "help" with your software. You can also duplicate a page through your control panel.

Either way you add a page while on-line, you will want to edit the menu to add the new page. This can be tricky. With AllWebCo hosting you can go to your control panel at:

...and choose "Site Manager". Use the radio button to select the "menu.js" and choose "edit". Now follow our "adding items to the menu" instructions and then choose save.

If you have another hosting company, they may have a site manager in your control panel. You may need to contact them for more information.

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