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Sound setup in Allwebco web templates

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For templates with HTML5 sound on the homepage. See the options section on your template help.html for the correct support page link.

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Adding sound:
This support page is for templates that include sound, to add sound to your webpages see support for Adding Music to a Website or Template.

Audio files:
Sound files are located in the "sounds" folder. The primary file type used is: mp3 and ogg sound. You should replace both file types if you are using your own music files.

Converting mp3 files to ogg files
We use Sony Sound Forge software to convert our samples to ogg, however, if you search at Google many other free mp3 to ogg converters are available like Audacity and the OGG Video Converter (if you do some Google searches you may find a free download of Sony Sound Forge).

The fall-back code
Fallback "bgsound" code is included to play mp3s in versions of IE before IE9.

About the .ogg file option
In web browsers that do not support mp3 with HTML5 player code the homepage will play the "home-sound.ogg". The ogg file is included because Firefox and Opera browsers can not play mp3 files using HTML5 code due to licensing restrictions.

Looping the music
Edit the loop="1" to loop="100" for the "bgsound" code, and locate the audio tag in the sound code and add "loop" as highlighted below:

document.write('<audio loop autoplay="autoplay">');

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