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Webpages not rendering as expected

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In some cases a website may render differently, or not at all in different web browsers. There will be some minor differences between browsers, but if you are seeing major differences review the following.

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Errors in the code
This is the most common cause of differences in web browser display. It can be a missing close tag for any element (example </title>) or a misspelled meta or html tag. In many cases minor errors will not cause problems but missing closing tags can cause serious issues. You'll want to error check your html pages.

See: Finding and fixing template problems

Mobile & tablet differences
Responsive Allwebco web templates include a file called "media-queries.css". This file intentionally changes the webpage layout for mobile compliance and may also hide elements on smartphones. See the help.html included with your download for info about the media queries included with your download.

See: Media queries and also Mobile hiding

Minor differences
Although we strive to make our templates render exactly the same in every browser, each browser software version may have bugs or non-compliant css rendering engines. If you feel the difference is too great you can contact us for an update or to report an issue.

Other differences
Some Allwebco templates include browser detection scripts. These scripts are added to prevent features that will not work properly in select browsers from displaying.

  • NOT VISIBLE ON SMARTPHONES: See mobile hiding to change how the media queries css code works in the "media-queries.css".

  • SIDEBAR SCROLLER: The sidebar scroller in some older template models includes a detection script to prevent the Safari browser from displaying the scroller. This scroller application was at one time not compatible with the Safari web browser.

  • ZOOM BUTTONS: Zoom buttons in older templates may only display in IE. Zoom CSS code is not compatible with other browsers. (Note: Newer template models include other types of zoom code for higher browser compatibility.)

  • SCROLLBAR: Custom scrollbar CSS color code is compatible only with Internet Explorer. Custom scrollbars are not support by any other browsers. Newer templates do not include css scrollbar colors.

Flash errors
The Flash can not be made transparent in some older web browsers due to software limitations (IE6 and older). The Allwebco template pages are all still readable so we felt that this was an acceptable trade off due to the low number of older browser users and the need for transparent animation for other viewers using newer browsers.

See: Flash animation

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