Catalog Order Form Template Options

This support page is for Allwebco "catalog" template models only. A catalog template will include a folder in the template download named "catalog" and a page named "ordering.html".

Catalog template details
Catalog order form templates include catalog pages linked to a multi-field order form. This order form is not for sending payments, but rather the intention is to use this order form for custom projects or product quotes. Once a quote from your client is received through form submission, you can then send the client an e-mail invoice with a link to your template "payment.htm" for payment options.

Although this form can be made secure, sending credit card info through this form is not supported or recommended. It is advised that, if you would like to receive on line payments, you can use the "payment.htm" or, the template Paypal shopping cart should be used or, you can contact your bank to see if they offer on-line payments through websites.

Editing the catalog page forms
Each form in the "catalog?.htm" pages is sending 3 variables to the "ordering.html". The "image_name" variable should not be edited. You will need to edit 2 of the variables in each form. The "item_price" and the "item_name". Click below for details.

Allwebco Catalog Website Template Support

Setup with no price on the ordering page
You can use the "item_price" variable for any other info to send to the form. It does not need to be a number variable. It can be text. Optionally, to remove this variable; Move the "ordering.html" into the "extras" folder and rename the "ordering-NO-PRICE.html" to "ordering.html".

Making the ordering page secure
The "ordering.html" page can be made secure. click here for secure editing help.

If I make the ordering page secure can I accept credit card info?
This is not recommended by Allwebco Design. Although your "ordering.html" page can be made secure, and fields can be added for credit card info, the form on this page will still be submitting a regular e-mail. E-mails are not considered to be secure. Catalog templates include a "payment.htm" page to accept payments through your website.

How the catalog ordering works
Once you have completed the steps on your template "help.html" your site will be ready to accept orders. Each form on the catalog pages are sending 3 variables to the "ordering.html". These are the "item_name" the "image_name" and the "item_price". Once a client submits an order with their custom choices from the "ordering.html" they will be sent to the "thanks-order.htm" and you will receive their e-mail. You can total up the options and send the client an e-mail invoice and a link to your "payment.htm". The link in the e-mail would be "".