Tips: Shifting Image Colors

Shifting the colors of an image

Pinned Note Image Editing
It can be time consuming to re-create images used in Allwebco template designs such as the background, menu.gif, button.gif, stretchbar.jpg or fadebar.jpg. Rather than completely re-do these images in some graphics software you can just shift the colors.

Shifting colors in Photoshop:
In some versions of Photoshop and also in many graphics editing programs you can change (or edit) the "hue/saturation" of an image, sliding the colors to different hues. To do this
  1. Open Photoshop or your graphics program.
  2. Open your image so you can edit it.
  3. Now look under the "Image" menu item and find a submenu item called "Adjust". This may also be found under the "Edit" menu. If you do not see this option check your software help section under "hue/saturation".
  4. Once under the "Adjust" menu you will probably see a menu item called "hue saturation", click on that.
  5. You may now see some sliders or boxes for numbers. Slide those around or change the numbers to see the image shift to other colors.
  6. Click "okay" and save your image. Remember how much you shifted so you can shift all the template images exactly the same amount and keep the template consistent in color.

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