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Forms and contact page setup options

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More options for setting up the contact page in Allwebco web templates.

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Option #1: Email links
Many templates include a "No-Form-contact.htm" page that uses email instead of a form for contact. See your template "help.html" to use this option.

Optionally, if your template includes a "staff.htm" this page can be re-named to "contact.htm" or you can change all contact links in the menu to link to the "staff.htm".

If your template does not include a "No-Form-contact.htm" or "staff.htm" page, remove the form area in the contact page between the "START FORM" and "END FORM" notes and just use an e-mail link on your contact page.

Option #2: Form service
The creator of the formmail script (Matt) offers to run the script from their website for a monthly fee. Click here for info on this option. Allwebco does not support and has not tested this option. All support would be provided by http://www.formmail.com.

Option #3: Contact your hosting company
Another way to proceed, if you do not have a cgi-bin or do not have Allwebco hosting, is to get a sample contact form from your hosting company, get the sample form working with their instructions or support.

Once the sample form is working, the code can be added to the template "contact.htm". Copy the <hidden> and <form> action lines from the sample form into the template contact.htm.

Option #4: Change hosting
Switch over to an Allwebco hosting account so you will have a cgi-bin for easier form setup. Click here to view our hosting packages.

Other Scripts:
If you are not using the formmail.pl or .cgi script, or can not use the formmail script see: Form Setup Using a Different Script.

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