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Formmail contact and quote page setup

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Outlining form setup for Allwebco template contact and quote pages. It's best to edit template contact and quotes pages in a plain text editor like Notepad or in your software "HTML source view". Notes are included in your template download HTML pages with additional information.

To setup your template contact and quotes forms:

Select your type of hosting setup:

Option: Contact your hosting company
If you do not have either a cgi-bin or PHP, or Windows ASP, contact your hosting company to see if they provide a sample working contact form. You can use the script code from the sample form to setup the template contact and quotes pages.

Optionally you can switch to another hosting company. View Allwebco hosting packages.

Can not, or do not want to use the form:
Many templates include a "No-Form-contact.htm" page that uses email instead of a form for contact. See your template "help.html" to use this option. If you do not have this optional page see other contact page options.

FormMail service option
The creator of the Formmail script (Matt) offers to run the script from their website for a monthly fee. Click here for info on this option. Allwebco does not support and has not tested this option. All support would be provided by

Adding Fields
If you are adding new fields or want to make some fields required, or if the script is working but everything is not coming through in the e-mails.
FormMail is the CGI script that makes the contact form work. Talk to your hosting company and see if they can add (install) that for you. If not see if they have a "contact form script" and sample contact page that you can use.

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