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Copyright footer in web templates

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All Allwebco web templates include copyright text in the footer. You can remove or replace the Allwebco text with your own info and links.

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Removing the Allwebco copyright
Any template user may edit or remove the Allwebco copyright at the bottom of each page. This code may be a yes/no option in your template "footer.js", or "copyright-allwebco.js", or "footer-copyright.js", or it may be in the "footer.htm" in the "includes" folder.

You can copyright the text content, images, videos and applications that you add, however, Allwebco maintains the copyright on the design layout even if the copyright text is removed.

Do not simply delete the copyright .js file. It may create a missing content error.

If your template has a "copyright-allwebco.js" and you simply want to remove the copyright. Do not to just delete the file because each page will be looking for it on-line. Also, be sure to upload it with the rest of the files, even if it's empty. You can optionally remove everything except for the following note:

// Begin Copyright File

Web developers note
If you are using an Allwebco template for a client, you can edit the Allwebco copyright with your web design business name and copyright. There are no restrictions on how you choose to edit the template files.