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Many Allwebco templates include a Paypal shopping cart in the download. Below are some other payment processing options.

The information on this page is gathered from our template users as well as our own personal experience. Other users may not have the same problems with, or opinions about these services.

No monthly fees. Easy to setup and reasonable rates. About 3.0% per transaction. Copy and paste shopping cart is included. Allows for standard credit card payments, or users can optionally setup an account. We consider this to be the best choice for a merchant setup.

Similar to Paypal. No monthly fees. Easy setup and they have a cart you can use. 2CO has a better interface for adding products. Additionally, this is a better option if you are selling downloadable goods because the cart allows for multiple download links with the return to merchant option. This allows downloadable items to be added to a shopping cart. 2CO also allows the option for your customers to pay through Paypal, as well as standard credit card payments.

Complex to setup, you have to deal with 4 or 5 companies if there is a problem. You'll need to setup 3rd party cart software. 2.5% to 3% rates plus monthly charges and .25 per transaction (on average).
The number 1 CC transaction service. Messy to setup, same rates as Verisign (above). You'll need to purchase and setup cart software.

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