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Some Allwebco templates include a date displayed on the webpages. The date can be turned off, moved on the page and date fonts can be edited.

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Where is the date code?
Code for the date will be in the "header.js" or in the "sidebar.js" near the bottom. Options for the date will be near the top of the .js file. Font code will be in your template .css file.

Turning off the date
To turn off the date, open either the "header.js" or "sidebar.js" and edit the "var showdate" variable option from = "yes" to = "no".

Moving or locating the date
In most cases the date location code will be included in your template .css file. Find the "#date-location" class in this file to move the date on your pages.

#date-location { position: absolute; left: 10px; top: 110px; }

If you do not have the above "#date-location" code in your .css file, the locating code will be in either the "header.js" or the "sidebar.js" near the top.

Date fonts
Edit the font size and color in your template .css file by editing the following code.

.date-font { color: #FFFFFF; font: 12px arial, sans-serif; font-weight: bold; }

If you edited the date code and do not see the date:
  1. Perhaps the date is located under Flash animation or video. You can not have items on top of the Flash or video. Try editing the css #date-location.
  2. Perhaps you need to change the color of the date font.
  3. You have turned off the date in the "header.js" or in the "sidebar.js".

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