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Editing Allwebco drop down menu templates

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Outdated: This support page contains outdated information for Allwebco templates that are copyright dated before 2008 only. Refer to your template help.html for links to the correct menu editing support pages.

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Copyright 2008 and older drop menu editing
Copyright dates are indicated in the template "header.js". Refer to your template help.html for the support links to the specific menus included with your template download.

Note: This update is NOT for css drop menus. If your template includes either a "menu.css", "menu-drop.css" or "menu-styles.css" or a "css" or "colors" folder see: target link support.

This modification is for more experienced users. Allwebco does not provide support for this modification. Make a backup of the "menu.js" before you start this edit.

Adding a New Window Drop Menu Button

Step #1:
Find the following code in the menu.js:


Add this line just below that line of code:

nw="' target='_blank'>";

Step #2:
To make one of the links open in a new window, here is the edit. The about.htm is used as an example.

Here is how the menu code appears now in the menu.js:

+l+"about.htm"+r+" About Us "+c

Now, change the +r+ part to +nw+ like the following:

+l+"about.htm"+nw+" About Us "+c

Now open one of the template pages in your web browser and the "About Us" link should open in a new browser window.

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