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Problem: Working off-line on your computer hard drive, you have edited your webpages or other template files and when you test in your web browser you are not seeing the updates.

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Template is not unzipped
Either your template folder is not unzipped or you are inadvertently working in the downloaded zip file folder. See: unzipping help.

Incorrect folder
You are working in the wrong folder or on the wrong files. Try the drag and drop technique to both edit, and check your files in your browser software.

You are editing on-line pages
You can not edit uploaded pages in Notepad. Only some HTML editors will let you edit directly on your website. Perhaps you are editing using view source in your browser, but you are editing on-line pages. You can only edit files on your computer with most plain text editors.

Browser update problems
When testing in your browser, be sure to hit refresh. Also, you may need to empty your browser cache. This option is usually under "tools" then "internet options" on your menu. This error is more common when Flash applications are not updating.

Images not updating
If you have created a new image and there are problems saving, or the page is not updating with your new image, be sure to flatten your image layers in your graphics program before saving the file. See the following: If your images are not displaying try using a different graphics program or save your images using different "save as" options. How your graphics program is saving the images may not be compatible in some web browsers.

Areas not updating after editing a .js file
If you have edited a .js file and it is not showing after an edit, see the following: Areas not updating after editing an include file
If you have edited one of the htm pages in the "includes" folder and it is not displaying, see the following:

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