Email Setup and Email Forwarding

Form & email setup and email redirection

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You can use an email from your domain ( and redirect it to another email address like

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Optionally you can setup your email software on your computer to retrieve your domain email instead of redirecting it. See Email Software Help.

Create email account
Creating email accounts
Before you can redirect an email, you must first create an email account. Check in your hosting control panel or cPanel and find the email accounts link or icon. Follow the directions to create new email accounts.

Create an account using the email you setup in the contact.htm form.

Forward emails
Forwarding email
Example: You want to send "" from your contact form to your other email "".

With cPanel hosting: Login to your cPanel control panel. Click on the "Forwarders" link or icon. Follow the directions to forward your email. In your login there is a help icon at the top of the page with more details and videos.

If You Don't Have cPanel Hosting
If you do not have a cPanel, first check in your control panel for email account setup and email forwarding or redirecting. If you can't find these options, contact your hosting company and ask them how to setup new email accounts and forward your email.

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