Popup FAQ Page Setup

Template popup FAQ section setup and options

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Support for Allwebco templates that include a popup FAQ page. Your template will include an "faq.htm" and the answers will display in popup windows and not on the same page.

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Setting Popup Links
Each link on the FAQ page (faq.htm) is using javascript to open the pop-up window. Be sure to only edit the name of the page when you add new, or edit the link as seen below, for example only edit the "faq-1.htm" page name.

<a href=javascript:popUpFAQ('faq-1.htm')>

Then change the text following the link. EXAMPLE: Edit "How do I edit these FAQ links?" on the FAQ page. This can be done in an HTML editor or Notepad. Edit one link and test it before proceeding to the next link.

Re-Sizing The Pop-up Window
You can make this pop-up larger or smaller depending on your requirements. Open the "pop-closeup.js" or "FAQ_popup.js" in Notepad or a plain text editor. Then look for these variables near the top. "var FAQ_width = 400" and "var FAQ_height = 500". You can edit these to any size you like but it's best not to go larger than 750 wide and 550 high.

Editing the Page That Pops Up
To edit each pop-up you will edit the individual pages named faq-1.htm through faq-8.htm or more. These pages can be edited like any other HTML page using Notepad or any HTML editor like Expression Web or Dreamweaver.

If you are working on your computer hard drive, using Internet Explorer, you can edit the "faq-1.htm" using just the browser. Click to pop it open, then you can right click and do a view source and edit right there. Make your changes and then select "save" and right click the popup window again to refresh the page to see the update.

Changing The Pop-Up Logo
There may be multiple Flash animations in temmplates with FAQ popups. Flash logos are all controlled by a single file called "flash.txt". Once you edit this file with your information, all the flash logos will be updated at once.

If Flash headers are used, and you want to use a graphic logo on the pop-ups, you will need to do a special edit in the "header_faq.js", removing the Flash code and then using some of the code from the "graphic_logo_header.js".

Adding More FAQ Questions
To add another FAQ page, first, open your website folder, make a copy of one of the "faq-?.htm" pages. Rename it for example: "faq-9.htm". Then open the "faq-home.htm" page and do a quick Notepad (simple text) edit. Copy the whole line of the last link on the list "Where are the step by step instructions?" and paste it just below itself. See "Setting The Links" above on this page to set the link.