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Fonts used in Allwebco template Flash animation is a fixed font locked into the animation. You can download a free trial version of Adobe Flash and edit the .fla file located in the template "flash" folder. Optionally contact Allwebco to have us custom edit the fonts.

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Note: Allwebco Design can custom edit your Flash header and animated slideshow fonts and colors. Please contact custom design services for details and pricing.

How to edit the Flash animation
Once you have downloaded Flash, (You must use MX or higher for editing) you will need to move any ".fla" files out of the "flash" folder and into the main website folder. Open the ".fla" file that you wish to edit. Do not edit the ".swf" files.

Once it is opened you will notice that the Flash .fla source file does not show any visible text to edit, all the text is defined by the "flash.txt". When you open the .fla file all you will see are empty boxes. The empty boxes are each "holders" for the text that is included in the flash animation. The text is sorted by layers.

Find the layer named "logo". Lock, and turn off all the other layers. Select the box on the logo layer (double click) and you can change the font and the colors for the logo. Do the same for the "slogan" and for any text on the other layers.

Note: Double click the boxes, then select them to edit the font and color.


To return after an edit, double click outside the stage and edit the next item by turning on and unlocking it's layer, then double clicking the holder.

Note: If your flash is not updating after your edits. Be sure you "publish" as well as "save" the .fla file. You may also need to empty your browser cache to view the changes. Sometimes the flash animation gets "stuck" and although it has been changed when you view the page in your browser you may not see the changes.

Adding new lines
If you are adding new lines or text boxes to the Flash animation, and are also adding these lines to the flash.txt, be sure to embed the fonts in the new added items. See the Flash help for details on embedding fonts. If you are not using the flash.txt for these new lines then you can skip this step.

Advanced users and "hard coding" the variables
Each "holder" in the flash animation has a variable attached to it so it will read the flash.txt file for the phrase it needs. You can speed up the Flash by not using variables and hard coding the phrases inside. We do not support this edit, however, the visual link below provides a quick look at where the variables are in the .fla file once you double click on a holder.


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