Flash Problems

Support for Flash used in Allwebco templates

Adobe Flash Errors
After editing the "flash.txt" with your logo, slogan or phrases, the text is not showing on your webpage, or only portions of the text display.

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Full lines of text are missing
You may have deleted the "logo=" or the "&slogan=" or other code in front of the phrases. The best solution is to download the template again, and copy over the "flash.txt" from the zip folder to start with a fresh copy.

Parts of the text lines are missing
The most common cause of parts of the lines missing is the use of the ampersand (&). You can not use the & sign in the "flash.txt". If you need an & sign included in the animation you will need to use %26 in place of the & sign.

Other special characters
To add special characters like a © or ® to the Flash logo see: hex characters.

Other languages
See: using other languages or text character sets.

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