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Support for Adobe Flash in Allwebco templates

Troubleshooting Flash
Support for Flash animation not working on your local drive, or not working once uploaded, or you may be getting a 1 item remaining or similar error.

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Flash not working on your hard drive
The most common cause for this issue is that the template is not unzipped. Another common cause is that the .swf file is missing or has been moved or deleted. Check to see that the .swf file is in the website folder and also the flash.txt. See also: Flash text errors.

Flash works on hard drive, not working after upload
The Flash images or text are not showing, or, you may be getting a "1 item remaining" error in the status area of your browser at the bottom.
  • Hosting is case sensitive. Re-check your file names.
  • Make sure you have uploaded all the files from your website folder into your hosting space. The "flash.txt" as well as possibly any one or all of the following: "logo.swf", "sublogo.swf", "intro.swf" or any other ".swf" files in your website folder. Upload the "header.js" and all other ".js" files. You may need to upload the flash folder.
  • Check that all .swf files are uploaded.
  • Be sure that all .swf files and .jpg images are uploaded in "automatic" or "binary" mode. Do not upload .swf or image files as ASCII files or in ASCII mode. Re-upload them if you are not sure.
  • Your template may require that you upload the "flash" folder. Check that all folders are uploaded.
  • Is the flash.txt uploaded?
  • The "1 item remaining" error may be caused by a linked image or linked txt or xml file not uploaded or named incorrectly (hosting is case sensitive).
  • Check that a "hotlink protection" is not an option in your hosting control panel. This option should be turned off or disabled.
  • Check with your hosting company that "hotlink protection" is not on in your hosting setup or any Flash blocking application.
  • Refresh your browser or try other browser software, or empty your browser cache. Flash sometimes gets stuck in a browser.
  • See also: files missing after uploading.

Flash not updating after an .fla edit
You have edited the .fla file and the pages are not updating. Possible causes are:
  • You have only saved the .fla file. Remember that you also need to publish the .fla file to create the .swf file. See the help included in your Flash software for help with publishing.
  • You have not "moved" the .fla file out of the "flash" folder and into the main website folder (or folder that contains the .swf file) before you published.
  • Your browser is not showing the update. Refresh a couple of times. You may need to empty the browser cache and then refresh.

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