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If you have this template application your download will include a file named image_changer.xml in your "flash" folder. See the help.html included with your template or addon for the correct support links and setup info.

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Update: jQuery Slideshow Add-on: The jQuery Cycle Slideshow application is available to download. This application can be used to replace the unlimited or single XML changer addon. See: jQuery Cycle slideshow for the the download.

The Files:
XML flash image changer files, including the "image_changer.xml", are located in the template "flash" folder. Images used in the changer are also located inside the "flash" folder.

Border color:
You can change the border color or turn off the Flash XML changer by editing the variables near the top of the sidebar.js using Notepad or any plain text editor. Edit the "var flashborderC" to change the Flash border. On some templates this border may be in your CSS file instead of in a sidebar.js.

Speed, slide order and variables:
In your template "flash" folder, edit the "image_changer.xml" by dragging this file into Notepad to change the XML variables. See the notes in this XML file for options. Click below for details.


Adding new slides:
There is no limit on the number of slides you can add. In your template "flash" folder, edit the "image_changer.xml" by dragging this file into Notepad to add new slides. Place your new slide .jpg images in your "flash" folder. Click below for editing details.


Re-size the changer for portrait images:
The changer can be set to show 200 wide x 300 high images. Here are the steps to re-size for portrait images:
  1. In the "flash" folder, edit the "133" height to "300" in 1 place in the "image_changer.js". This is the var flashheight="133" variable.
  2. Edit the "var flashhC" from "133" to "300" in your sidebar.js.
  3. In the "image_changer.xml" in the "flash" folder, edit the Ypos="0" to Ypos="-83" to move your image up. This is a negative number.
  4. Edit all the .jpg images in the "flash" folder that are listed in the "image_changer.xml" with your new changer size of 200 pixels wide x 300 pixels high.
Calculation for other heights:
If you want another height for the changer, the calculation for the "image_changer.xml" is:

(new height) - (height in the "image_changer.js") / 2

From the example above the calculation is "300-133 = 167/2 = 83.5" or rounded to 83 in the "image_changer.xml" and "sidebar.js". This number will be negative in the "image_changer.xml" or "-83".

Re-size both width and height sizes (advanced users):
Not supported by Allwebco. The changer is not setup for different images widths but you can cheat a bit if you need to go a little larger. Be aware, this will take some math computation and experimenting plus, your image will probably stretch to fit depending on how and how much you resize. Here are the steps to re-size:
  1. In the "flash" folder, edit the height and width variables in the "image_changer.js". This is the "var flashheight=" variable.
  2. Edit the "var flashwC" and "var flashhC" in your sidebar.js or .js file the changer is in. On some templates you may not be editing the sidebar. You will instead edit the HTML page that has the Flash XML changer on it. You will edit the "IFrame" area height and width numbers. Some templates may not have this IFrame.
  3. Now you need to compensate in the "image_changer.xml" and adjust your true image sizes. This is a bit tricky.
  4. EXAMPLE: You want the changer to be 250 pixels wide and 300 pixels high. In the XML file edit the Ypos="0" to Ypos="-67". This is because you have made the height 33% larger. 67 is the other 67% you need to move the image up. You do not need to adjust the Xpos="0" in this example but may need to depending on how you resize.
  5. Now you need to adjust for your true image display size. If the changer is set to 250 x 300 high your images in the "flash" folder should be edited to around 200 x 267 pixels in size. This is because you have not changed proportionally. The X size is stretching to fit and the Y size needs to be compensated.
  6. Edit all the .jpg images that are listed in the "image_changer.xml" with your new changer sizes.
  7. Be aware you will need to experiment with this and your image will do some stretching to fit.
  8. The XML Changer add-on is another option as it may include a size you require. This is especially true if you are going much larger. With this add-on you can then have 2 changers in your template.

XML Flash background color:
Edit the "var color" in the "image_changer.js". Be aware that this may not work. The flash may be set as transparent in the "image_changer.js" so the background will be the color of the page it is on instead. You could remove the transparent code in the "image_changer.js", however, this is not recommended.

My images are not working:
If you have replaced these .jpg images and they are not showing up on the page here are some possible reasons.
  1. Do not save these .jpg images as "progressive". Be sure to save them as "standard" .jpg images. Try re-saving these images using a "save as" and be sure to select "standard".
  2. You have edited the wrong images or the template is not unzipped properly.
  3. The "image_changer.xml" is not edited properly with your image names. Double check your work.
  4. You have used uppercase letters in the .jpg file names. Remember that hosting is case sensitive! Double check all file names and the "image_changer.xml" image list.
  5. Make sure "Hotlink Protection" is turned off in your hosting account.

Changer sticks on one image:
This can be one of 2 problems. The most common error is that one image is missing that is listed in the "image_changer.xml". Check that all images listed in the "image_changer.xml" are in their proper folders and that all images are saved properly as indicated in the above section. Or, this error can be that you have the "image_changer.xml" set to random and one image is just repeating. Try changing to "sequential" in the "image_changer.xml" and test that all images are working and the XML changer goes all the way through all images. Then you can set this back to random.

Flash errors:
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