Flash Player Penetration

Support for Flash used in Allwebco templates

Adobe Flash Penetration
Flash was at one time to best solution for webpage animation. Although it still has good numbers on PC computers, the number of smartphone and tablet browsers that are Flash enabled is not nearly as high, mostly due to Apple not supporting the Flash player on their devices.

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Flash detection
Some Allwebco templates include Flash animated logos or slideshows built into the design. In templates created after 2010 Flash player detection will most likely be included to display alternate content in non-Flash enabled browsers (iPhone, iPad). In templates with no detection, users on your website will be prompted to download the plugin. If they choose not to, your Flash applications will not be visible.

Non-Flash template options
Most Allwebco templates include either a text, or a graphic logo option. See step #1 or the options section of your help.html to use this option. Another option is using a Flash detection script. These can be found by searching at Google.

Note: Check in your template .js files for alternate options to the Flash. The header.js may include a switch to change to a text or graphic logo. Image changer .js files may have an option to display a static image. See the "help.html" included with your download.

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