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Calendar, forum and posting applications
For adding a calendar or forum, we recommend the following scripts. Your hosting account may need a cgi-bin or PHP to run these scripts. Both PHP and a cgi-bin are included with all Allwebco hosting packages.

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Recommended calendar website scripts:

Allwebco templates that include a calendar:
A simple clickable calendar is included in some templates. This is not a server-side script so it's easy to setup. This application does not include a CMS or content management system or other advanced features. It uses a standard HTML page to list events with a small calendar users click on to be relocated to the specific date on the page. Search calendar templates.

Allwebco Website Template Calendar Application

Allwebco hosting cPanel calendar and bulletin board:
If you have an Allwebco hosting account you can install scripts like a bulletin board or calendar under "Fantastico De Luxe" or "Softaculous" or under "applications" in your cPanel login.

Allwebco hosting Non-cPanel scripts:
If you have older non-cPanel "plusmail" Allwebco hosting you can install the "phpBB Bulletin Board" or "WebCalendar" in your control panel.

Google Calendar:
Although we have not tested this application, we have seen a Google calendar embedded in some websites and it does look like a nice application. See Google Calendar.

Adding a forum or calendar to a template page:
An easy way to embed a forum or calendar into a template page would be to use an IFrame. Warning: Some forums or calendars will work inside an IFrame and some will not. Be sure to test the embedded webpage application in multiple browsers to see that it is working properly. See the IFrames support page for more details and code.