Gallery Setup Overview

Setting up the gallery images in Allwebco templates

Support for Allwebco template gallery sections. Refer to the help.html included with your download for the correct support links for your template. There are a couple of ways to setup the images in the gallery in Allwebco web templates.

Gallery Web Layouts

Replacing the gallery images
All images used in the gallery .htm pages are located in the "gallery" folder and are named with generic names indicating the gallery page they are on, and the spot on the page (Fgallery3-2.jpg would indicate gallery-3.htm spot #2). One image is used for the thumbnail display and one is used for the image closeup. See "image names" section below.

Setup images: Overwrite method
With this technique you'll create new images, or open your existing photos, in your graphics program (Photoshop or other), size them to the correct sizes, do a "save as" and overwrite the template images in the "gallery" folder.

Setup images: Copy and paste method
With this technique you'll open the existing images in the template gallery folder in your graphics program (Photoshop or other), open one of your photos at the same time, size your image, then copy your image and paste it into the existing gallery image and save.

Images names in the gallery folder
The gallery has two pictures for each image. One for the thumbnail and one for the full sized picture. Inside the gallery folder, in most templates, you'll see files named for example:
  • Fgallery1-1.jpg - (full size image closeup)
  • gallery1-1.jpg - (thumbnail image)
When replacing the images, it is easier to use the generic names used in the default template download and simply replace the gallery images. In some templates the default images names are also being used in the slideshow page.

Re-naming gallery images
You can optionally change the names of the gallery images in the "gallery" folder. To do so you'll want to rename the image in the gallery folder, then edit the HTML gallery page with the exact same name (hosting is case sensitive!). If your template includes a slideshow it may also be using the generic gallery names and you'll need to also edit the "slideshow.htm" image list. Important: Hosting areas are case sensitive. Name your images with the exact name used in the HTML code. For example, save gallery image #1 as "Fgallery1-1.jpg" and not as "Fgallery1-1.JPG". Having different letter "case" may work fine on your local drive, but once uploaded your pictures may not display.

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