Changing Gallery Image Sizes

Web template support for photo galleries

Editing Image Sizes
The thumbnail and full size closeup images in Allwebco templates can be either vertical (portrait), or horizontal (landscape), and any height and width that you prefer. In most templates you will not need to do any extra editing if you change the .jpg sizes.

Note: Gallery and slideshow pages should not include height and width numbers in the HTML code. If your editor has added them, remove them.

Editing the gallery image sizes
To change the image sizes, simply edit the jpg images in your template "gallery" folder with any heights and widths. Unless your template is responsive, gallery HTML pages should update with your new sizes and no other editing should be required.

If image sizes are not updating:
  1. In RESPONSIVE templates, max-widths are set in your css files for the thumbnails and closeup image views in the /* GALLERY PAGES */ section using ".galthumb" and ".galthumb-box" and ".imgviewer-size" classes.
  2. See distorted image problems support.
  3. Your HTML editor may be adding sizes to the gallery images. You can right click any gallery image in your HTML editor to change the height and width of the image.
  4. Check the HTML page for height and width numbers added to the gallery image code. Edit these sizes with your correct gallery image sizes or remove the height and width code.
  5. See: files not updating support.
  6. See: images not updating support.
  7. See: cropping images.

Museum style templates
In Allwebco "Museum" style templates (gallery pages with frames around the images) the frames are defined with CSS code. You can switch any one of them to horizontal or vertical with a fairly sample edit. Gallery #5 in Museum templates is a vertical gallery example.

Refer to your template help.html for the correct size to use for the thumbnail images in a "Museum" style template. Also see: rotating Museum template frames and replacing Museum template frames