Check if Your Website is HTML5 or HTML 4.01

Checking the HTML version in websites and web templates

Pinned Note Check For HTML Version
Allwebco HTML5 templates will have a 2013 or higher copyright date and will usually, but not always, say "Template Style: HTML5" near the top of the "help.html" included with the template download.

To confirm if a webpage is HTML5 or 4.01, check the doctype at the very top of the webpage in source code view.

HTML 5 Example
HTML5 doctype:
Current code: The following will be the first line in the index.html or about.htm:

<!doctype html>

Read about HTML5

HTML 4.01 Example
HTML 4.01 doctype:
Older code: The following will be the first line in the index.html or about.htm:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

HTML Responsive Example
Responsive (HTML5):
Current code: Open one of your webpages in your browser (IE, Chrome, Edge, Safari), narrow the browser to around 320 pixels wide. If you see no horizontal scrollbar and the page contents look readable, then you most likely have a responsive website.

In Allwebco templates: If your template includes a "mobile" folder, webpages inside this folder will be responsive. If your template includes one of the following files it is a responsive for mobile and all devices template.
  • media-queries.css
  • style-mobi.css

Responsive notes:
The following rules apply to responsive web design (RWD) HTML websites and web templates. See also: responsive design support.
  • Media queries css is used to help make a webpage responsive.
  • See your "help.html" for media queries details.
  • All responsive Allwebco templates are HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Search in your css files for handheld to find the media queries code for responsiveness. There may be multiple stages for tablet and smartphones.
  • Media queries css code is not required for a webpage to be responsive, however, in almost all cases some is included in the css files.

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