Error Editing .js Files in Windows

Javascript .js file syntax error

Pinned Note syntax error
Support for problems editing .js files in Windows. The .js files on your computer may be associated with another application or may have no association. Try the editing solutions below.

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Problem: Syntax Error, Microsoft JScript Compilation Error
Solutions for opening .js files and / or changing file associations in Windows for .js files.

Solution #1
Open Notepad or TextEdit, open the template folder, then drag the .js file into Notepad or TextEdit and drop it. Edit and save your file.

Solution #2
Open Notepad or TextEdit, select "file" then "open", browse to the template folder, select "all file types" and open the .js file. Edit and save your file.

Solution #3
Windows Only: Change the file associations so you can double click .js files for editing. Open "My computer" choose tools, or options, then choose "folder options" choose the "file types" tab. Find "JS" on the list and change the opening application to Notepad. You may need to search at Google for "changing file associations" for your specific version of Windows.

Mac Only: You will change the application in which a .js document opens. In Finder, select the .js file, like "menu.js", choose "File" > "Get Info". In the Info window, click the disclosure triangle next to "Open With", and select the TextEdit application to open the document from the "Open With" pop-up menu. If you want all .js documents to open with the same application, click "Change All".

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