Live Chat & Live Help

Using chat applications in Allwebco web templates

Chat Applications
Live chat or helper applications allow you to open a chat window to interact with customers on your site so you can provide product details or support directly on a website in real time.

Live chat is convenient for customers and, for some product types, can help improve on-line conversions for better sales.

Live helper applications
Live chat software and scripts can be added to any website or template and offer quick access for potential customers on your website to contact you directly in a small chat window. Many are available (including free open source versions). If you do some Google searches you can check out what each one offers. has been offering chat services for a number of years.

Allwebco Hosting free applications
If you have an Allwebco Hosting account, several live help applications can be found in your control panel. Check in your "CPanel" login under "Softaculous" or "applications" for help and installation. If you have hosting other than Allwebco, check with your provider to see what scripts they may offer.

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