Lytebox Slideshow Sets

Support for Lytebox templates with a group of slideshows

Lytebox Slideshow Sets Example
Support for Lytebox slideshow sets. Your template will include a folder named lytebox and webpage named slideshow-home.htm. See the help.html included with your template download for the correct support information and links.

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View the slideshows
Open the "slideshow-home.htm" page to view the slideshow sets.

Adding and removing slideshow images
Click visual below to view the "slideshow-home.htm" source code with details for adding and removing slides, plus the variables used to tell the images what slideshow to be used in.

Slideshow Home

When adding new images, place your new image in the "gallery" or "slideshows" folder.

Slideshow options
To view all options available for Lytebox slideshow sets see: Lytebox gallery setup. Options include editing the title for each image, colors and watermark setup.

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