Repairing a Messed Up Webpage

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Sticky Note Error Webpages
Problem: When editing or modifying an HTML webpage, the code gets so messed up that it is beyond repair.

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Fix option #1.)
Rename the bad page to "BAD-page.htm". Make a copy of one of the working template pages and name it what your problem page was named. Open your "BAD-page.htm" in Notepad, TextEdit or in "HTML view" and copy the contents between the text content start and end notes.

Example: In some templates the area where the page copy starts may be called "CONTENT TEXT" or "MAIN TABLE" or something similar.

Look for the start of the <!-- START CONTENT TEXT -->

Find the end of the <!-- END CONTENT TEXT -->

Copy the contents inside the above notes from your bad page, then paste it into your working copied page in Notepad, TextEdit or in "HTML view".

Fix option #2.)
For this fix you'll instead copy the header and footer code from a working page into your bad page to try to fix the errors.

Again, as seen above, find your "MAIN TABLE" or "CONTENT TEXT" area on the working page. Select and copy the code from the very top of the page to the first "CONTENT TEXT" note in Notepad, TextEdit or in "HTML view". Now, open you bad page in Notepad, TextEdit or in "HTML view" and delete the same or similar code that you copied from the working page. Paste the good header into the bad page. Save and check it. If it is still bad, try doing the footer area. Copy from the second or last "CONTENT TEXT" note to the bottom of the page on your working page. Then paste that into your bad page.

If the content area is the problem area
Use the fix #1 above, however, instead of copying the text from the HTML source code, open the bad page in your web browser and copy the text from there as plain text to "clean" it. Then paste that into the newly re-created HTML page.

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