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Popular music, available on websites like iTunes and Amazon, is protected by copyright law and should not be used for your own web and media projects. Royalty Free Music on the other hand is created just for this type of use. Music downloaded or purchased as royalty free can be freely used on websites, in videos and for other media projects.

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Bobs Midi Music
SQuare Peach
Offering royalty free instrumental mp3 music for website and other media projects. A number of different musical genres are available including: ambient, rock, folk, new age, fusion, jazz, classical and more.

Created by artists Erich V, Rob F, Mike O and Chris F, the music has a nice variety with fair pricing and some very liberal usage and licensing policies.

Bobs Midi Music
Offering royalty free music and, uh.. graph paper. Besides the strange mix of products, there is a lot of free and low priced mp3 instrumental music available on this site for download in a large number of styles and genres. Composed by Kevin MacLeod.

Sorted by longest, slowest, fastest and er... 19 most unpopular, this is a strange guy, but the music is rather pleasant and flows through your ears like oil through one of those paper filters.

Bobs Midi Music
Bob's Mighty MIDI Site
Bob has composed many high quality original royalty free midi music files that anyone is free to use on their website. Available in downloadable .zip files and .zip collections. Midi music is digital sound that uses instruments configured on the user computer, thus allowing for very small file sizes.

Although not used on websites so much anymore (mp3 is much more popular) midi music is still fun to listen to.

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