Missing or Not Working Files After Uploading

Website template missing files and FTP problems

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Support for files (jpg, mp3, pdf, html) missing after FTP uploading to hosting. Common problems and solutions for publishing errors in HTML documents and website templates.

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Missing uploaded files
Below are some of the usual causes for files not showing or not working once uploaded.

  1. A folder (picts, gallery, sounds, PDF) is not uploaded.
  2. The folder exists, is named correctly, however the files have not been uploaded into the folder.
  3. The file names are capitalized and the page code is not. Hosting areas are case sensitive. Make sure the file name and HTML page code are an exact match. Example: "Fgallery.jpg" will work. "Fgallery.JPG" will not work if the HTML page is not also using the uppercase .JPG. This applies to any type of file. Be sure everything matches.
  4. The folder names are capitalized and the page code is not.
  5. You have uploaded to the wrong folder. See: FTP folder support.
  6. See: Parts of the Template Missing After Uploading.
  7. See: Missing Image Problems.
  8. See: Sound Not Working.

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