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Missing webpages or files when checking your website on-line. Common problems and solutions for FTP uploading or publishing HTML webpages and website templates.

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All files are not uploaded
The support files (css, jQuery and js files) that were included in the original template download have not been uploaded to your hosting area. This includes the "menu.js" and other .js files. Css files and slideshow, gallery, picts, jQuery, includes and music folders which should be uploaded as complete folders. Upload these files using cuteFTP or other FTP software.

Something is not named correctly
Most hosting setups are case sensitive. Make sure that file and picture names match exactly with what the HTML pages are "calling". For example, "Fgallery1-1.jpg" will work, "Fgallery1-1.JPG" may work on your local computer hard drive, but once uploaded may not show up on your pages because the file jpg extension is upper case. Double check the name of the files against the code in your HTML pages.

Refresh or empty your browser cache
Be sure to refresh your browser for each updated page. Optionally, you can empty your browser cache. This option is usually found in the browser menu under "tools" then "options" or "internet options".

Wrong hosting folder
You are uploading to the hosting "root" folder or into the wrong hosting sub-folder. See: FTP hosting folder help.

Menu links are broken
Hosting is case sensitive. Check that the links in your menu and the page names match exactly. Do not use spaces in HTML or website file names. See: menu links not working.

Wrong domain
Check and be sure you are uploading to the correct hosting domain or account.

Missing images or gallery and slideshow pictures
  1. The pictures folder (picts or gallery) is not uploaded.
  2. The jQuery folder is not uploaded
  3. The folder (picts, gallery or jQuery) exists however the files have not been uploaded into it.
  4. The folder names are capitalized and the code in the HTML pages is not. Hosting areas are usually case sensitive. Be sure they match exactly.
  5. The picture names are capitalized and the page code is not. Hosting areas are case sensitive. Be sure they match exactly. Example: "about.jpg" will work. "about.JPG" will not work if the code for the HTML page image name is not an exact match.
  6. Image extensions (jpg, gif, png) are capitalized.
  7. You are uploading images in ASCII mode. Try using the Binary or automatic mode setting in your FTP software. See next section.

Uploading mode problems
This is a more unusual error. It is best to upload all template files using the "automatic" transfer type setting. ASCII type is for text files like the HTML pages and Binary mode is for compiled files like the template .gif, .png and .jpg images and any .swf files. This option can usually be changed in the transfer type menu. If you have any problems try uploading all template plain text files (htm, js and css) in ASCII mode and then upload the template .gif, .png and .jpg images and any .swf files in binary mode. The "automatic" mode is still the best option for all file types.

Missing video or audio files
See: videos not working. You may want to check with your hosting company if you have checked all other possible problems listed on this page. This may be a MIME or other media file related problem in your hosting account.

Missing Flash items
Make sure "Hotlink Protection" is turned off in your hosting account. See the Flash errors & missing flash support page.

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