Music Pop-up Options

Music players used in Allwebco web templates

Pinned Note Music Popups
Support for basic music popups included in older Allwebco website templates. This application is obsolete.

See Instead…

See the help.html included with your template download for the correct support info and links. Some Allwebco templates have a multiple song music pop-up included. You may want to edit the sizes and where this pop-up will appear in respect to the users browser.

Editing the size and location:
Open your "pop-closeup.js" in Notepad or a plain text editor. Look for this code near the top of the file: "music_width" and "music_height". You can alter the numbers to change the size of the pop-up. To change the location, look near the very bottom of the file and find "left=0,top=250".

Using different music:
You can use the music popup to play midi, wav and mp3 files if you want to. You can replace the "music-?.mid" files in the "music" folder with your own music files. If you want to change from a midi to an mp3 for example, you will edit the music-?.htm page in the "music" folder. Edit the music call in 2 places. One for IE and one for other browsers. Find the following code: "START HOME MUSIC CODE". Then you will put your new music file in the "music" folder.

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