Adding a Page Counter

Updating webpages with hit counter applications

Sticky Note Applications
A page counter can be added to any website or web template HTML page. Below are some sample free working counters we tested, and some other page hit counter services and script options.

See Also…

Professional Perl CGI Counter
We use a Perl CGI counter on some pages on the Allwebco websites. This counter is free and easy to setup, however, you will need a cgi-bin and FTP software that allows CHOMD commands to use this counter. This counter is available for download at BL Design Solutions, LLC.

Amazing Counters
Amazing Counters is an easy to add to add counter with many options but does include an advertisement link, and you need to sign up to use the counter.

Simple Hit Counter
The counter is about as easy as it gets to add a page counter, but it offers very few options and includes an advertisement link.

Free Counter Stat
The following counter is available at A super easy to add counter. Many graphic style options are available and you do not need to sign up to use this service.

free website counter

Easy Counter
The Easy Counter counter is free and includes in-depth traffic analysis and many more features. It is available in many sizes and colors, but does require that you create an account.

Other Counters
Check the following Google search for more free counter services:

Free hit counters

See the following search for hit counter scripts you install.

CGI PHP page hit counters

Stats With cPanel & Allwebco Hosting
If you have an Allwebco hosting account, check in your cPanel control panel under "metrics" for a selection of comprehensive statistics programs. You can track hits, see where visitors are coming from, and what people are searching for to find your website.

cPanel Site Metrics

Stats In Your Control Panel
If your website is hosted with a company other than Allwebco, you may find stats and counter applications in your hosting control panel. Login to your control panel to see what's available or contact your hosting support to see what they offer. Optionally see one of the counter services listed above on this page.