Meta Tags: Edit Title, Description & Keywords

SEO help for your website or web template

Meta Titles
Meta page titles are important for SEO and you should use some keywords in the meta <title> tag. The meta description is used by search engines and has little or no SEO impact, but will be displayed in search results. Meta keywords are not used by Google and most other search engines.

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SEO Notes
Edit the meta tags near the top of each HTML page. Each page should have a unique meta title and include a few keywords in the title (do not stuff with only keywords).
  • The meta <title> should make sense and be readable so it displays well in search results allowing for more user clicks.
  • The meta <description> should also make sense and be readable because it also displays in most search results.
  • Include only a few meta <keywords> (separated by commas) and no more than 6 of each individual keyword. This meta tag is not read by major search engines so no need to spend much time on this.

Edit in Notepad or TextEdit
Edit the meta tags in each HTML webpage near the top. Use a unique title for each page. Edit using Notepad in Windows, TextEdit on Mac or any plain text editor:


<title>Website Template</title>

<meta name="Description" content="Place your website description in this area. This is read by some search engines.">

<meta name="KeyWords" content="add, your, keywords and phrases in this area, separated, by, commas, this, is read by only a, few search, engines">


Change the information highlighted in red above, under "title", description" and "keywords", to reflect your website information or product description. Do not disturb the meta tag code.

Note: Use only standard text characters in meta tags. Do not use a ' or " in the meta contents area. Do not use any HTML code.

Edit in Frontpage
In Microsoft Frontpage open each web page and go to "file" "properties" to edit the title (general tab). Then click the "custom" tab to edit the "description" and "keywords". (see code above for an example).

Edit in Dreamweaver
On the menu select "window" "HTML source". Near the top of the page you will see the meta tags. Edit the "title" "description" and "keywords". (see code above for an example).

Edit in Expression Web
In Microsoft Expression Web, open each web page. Select "File", "Properties". On the "General" tab, edit the "title", "page description" and "keywords".


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