Automatic Downloadable Form Setup

Paypal and 2CO merchant form setup support

Form setup for automatic downloads in select Allwebco templates for Paypal and 2CO. See the help.html included with your template download for the correct support links and info.

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Step 1:
For selling downloadable goods with an auto return after purchase.

Setup a Paypal merchant account and/or sign up for a 2CO sellers account.

Step 2: Setup the Paypal forms:
Because you are selling downloadable items you will use Paypal code generated in your account login to hide the return URL. Login to your Paypal account.

Go to: Tools > All Tools > Paypal Buttons > Create New Button

Choose Buy Now in the drop down (Paypal can not add downloadable items to a shopping cart).

Enter your product Item Name and Price

Paypal Name and Price

Scroll down the page and find Step 3: Customize advanced features (optional). Click that area to open the options.

Add your return link using the download page from your website domain URL. Click the Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout checkbox on and enter your full return URL including the http:// as in this example:

Return Link

You do not need to add a cancel payment URL. Paypal has a default page setup for that.

Tip: Test your return link before you add it to the form by pasting it into a browser address bar to make sure it's working.

Click on Create Button and you will see the following page:

Button Code

You only need 2 lines from the generated code (_s-xclick and hosted_button_id) to add to the template page. Click visual below:

Paypal Variables

Edit the "gallery1.htm" or "samples1.htm" Paypal form #1. Remove the 7 center lines of code leaving the top and bottom lines (your form may only have 2 or 3 lines of code). Add your 2 lines of generated code. Click below for visual.


Test the Paypal form and make sure it's working.

Step 3: Setup the 2CO forms:
When selling downloadable items through 2CO, you will login to your 2CO account and add new products using the Products tab in your account. Example: Go to Products. Select the New Product link. Fill in the form as shown in the visual below (edit 5 areas or more) and click the Create Product button.

2CO Form creation

Once a product is generated, edit the code in the "gallery1.htm" or "samples1.htm". For example: find the first 2CO form and edit the 2 highlighted areas below. Replace the "sid" or "999999" with your 2CO store ID. Your store ID can be found at the top of the page in your "Products" area. Edit the "product_id" code, "999", with your product number. You have created product number 1, so replace the "999" with "1". Save and test the form.

<!-- START 2CO FORM 1 -->
<form method="post" action="">
<input type="hidden" name="sid" value="999999">
<input type="hidden" name="product_id" value="999">
<input type="hidden" name="quantity" value="1">
<input type="submit" value="Purchase from 2CO" onmouseover="this.className='buttonon-order'" onmouseout="this.className='button-order'" class="button-order"><br>
<!-- END 2CO FORM 1 -->

Step 4: Setup the download or "return" pages:
In the template "download" folder you will find a page called "download-1.htm" and a file called "". Replace the "" with your .zip file of your downloadable item. The "download-1.htm" is the only return page setup in the template. Edit this page exactly as you would like all your return pages to look, then make copies of this page for your other downloadable items.

Step 5: Setup the next product:
To setup the next product in the gallery or samples page, make a copy of the "download-1.htm" and rename it "download-2.htm". Edit the link in this new page copy to download the "" file and create a "" to put in the "download folder". Edit the second form in the gallery or samples page (as outlined above) but be sure to set the return or "approved" link at 2CO and Paypal to go to the "download-2.htm" for your second product. Edit the HTML form "product_id" with 2 for your second product.

Notes: The folder that contains your download pages, the "download" folder, is not password protected. In all auto download style templates, the 2CO link, once a client is "returned" to the download page, is coded or "hidden". The Paypal return link will be visible to the client after purchase is completed. For a more secure Paypal option you can check out the Payloadz website.

You can optionally have other file types downloadable, such as PDF pages. Edit the link in the download-1.htm to use other files.

The robots.txt
Be sure to upload the included "robots.txt" to keep search engines out of the "download" folder. If you already have a "robots.txt" do not overwrite that file. You can copy the line of code to disallow the "downloads" folder from the template "robots.txt" into your current "robots.txt". Take great care when editing this file because it can affect your search engine listing.

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