Paypal Custom Payment & Donation Forms

Creating a Paypal form to accept on-line user payments

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Copy and paste code on this page allows you to add a Paypal payment button, select button or payment form with comments. These forms can be used for donations or for any custom payments on your website.

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Notes: Code on this page can be used in HTML5, HTML 4.01 and responsive webpages. Make sure you edit the email in the form with your Paypal business email.

Generate button
The copy and paste donation form code below on this page is compliant for all websites, however, you can instead generate a copy and paste donation button in your Paypal account. Login to your account and check under tools.

Fixed amount donation button
Add a $25.00 donation button like the following example:

Copy the code below to add the above button. Edit 3 areas in the code. The business email, the item_name and the amount:

See section below "Options for a return page".

User select donation button
This payment form allows the user to select an amount for the payment. Your button will appear like the following example.

Copy the code below to add the above button. Edit 3 areas in the code. The business email, the item_name and the amount (edit the amount in multiple places and test):

See section below "Options for a return page".

Custom payment or donation form
The form below can be added to any of your webpages. Css code is used for colors and alignment. The form is responsive and will appear like the following.

Enter amount:

Payment notes:

Payments through Paypal

Follow these 4 steps to add the above form.

Step 1.)
Right click the image above and save it to your template or website "picts" folder.

Step 2.) Copy the following code and add it to the bottom of your CSS file like the "style.css" or "coolstyle.css". If you do not have a global css file you can add it to the <head> of your HTML page only if you include <style> opening and closing tags. View the source code of this page to see how it's used in the <head> section.

Step 3.) Copy the following form code and add it to your HTML webpage:

Step 4.) In the HTML form code edit "" with your Paypal business e-mail. Optionally edit the "Paypal Payment" text that is used for the "item_name". See next section "Options for a return page".

Options for a return page
Optionally add the line below to the Paypal form code right after the "item_name" line to redirect the user to a custom return page after a payment is made. Create and upload a "thanks-pp.htm" for your return page. Edit "" in the following code with your website domain name.

<input type="hidden" name="return" value="">

  • Make sure you edit the form with your Paypal business email and that you have setup a Paypal business account so you can receive money.
  • If the form is not working, do the steps above on this page again.
  • If the CSS code is not adding the proper colors and alignment, try adding the code to the top or to the bottom of the CSS file and error checking your CSS file.
  • Paypal page form area looks broken: Try re-copying the code above and be sure you have copied every line of the code in the boxes.

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