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RSS Newsfeed Sticky Note
Live news feeds can add a dynamic element to your website. RSS feeds are handy on your desktop or in your Yahoo pages but what about adding some live news to your website or web template.

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RSS feeds
RSS feeds can be difficult and involved to add to a website. Some news services offer a copy and paste widget (see details below). RSS feeds can optionally be added to HTML webpages using the Google Feed API which allows for the integration of RSS feeds inside a Javascript.

Download scrolling news feed
Click below to download the embedded news feed window with all files and examples (as shown in the sidebar examples #1 and #2). See the included help page for setup instructions and options. Works in HTML5, HTML 4.01 and also responsive websites.

zip downloadDownload Scrolling News Feed (.zip)

More scrolling window scripts

The download uses a news feed from the BBC, however, you can edit the Google API script to use any "rss.xml" link. See the help page included with the download.

Before you start
Below are some recommended newsfeed services to use. If you use any of these services be sure to read their "Terms of Use" or "Policies" as many feeds have different rules.

RSS Newsfeeds RSS Feeds
The following news feeds were all tested in the news window script download. You can also search at Google for "RSS feeds" to find others you can use.

News window without a feed
News window example #1 in the sidebar on this page uses the scrolling news window. With this script download you can add your own custom news and headlines. Javascript feed
Example #2 in the sidebar on this page uses a feed added to the scrolling news window. This is a Javascript feed rather than an RSS feed.

Using other news feeds
With these examples you can use an HTML or Javascript news feed from any news source. To set this up, Setup the Simple News Scroller script in your template. Go to the news feed site you have chosen and follow their steps to add their code to the embedded news window page.


More News Feed Services

The newsfeed services listed below all offer HTML or Javascript code so a newsfeed can be easily added to any Allwebco template or website. Follow the directions at the following websites to add live news to your website. | Go to Newsfeeds
With this service you can add HTML news feeds to any website or web template. They offer HTML Javascript or RSS code. They ask you to link back to their website. This feed is example #2 on this page.

Send2Press | Go to Send2Press Newsfeeds
Offering HTML Javascript or RSS code. You must send them a link to show where you have added the newsfeed at your site. This feed has been on-line since 1998.

This feed will not work very well in the scrolling news window script, but is a nice application for other webpage areas. The FeedWind RSS widget allows you to display any RSS news feed on an HTML webpage as in the following BBC news example. They offer a easy to use "create a widget" interface on their website.

RSS Feed Widget

RSS Converters:
Google Feed API
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Advanced users:
How to work with RSS using Google Feed API and JavaScript

RSS News Feeds:
News feeds from the BBC

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