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Getting your website listed in major search engines

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If you have a website on-line you'll want to have it listed in search engines. Although most automatically find new websites, there are tools and techniques available that allow you to better see how your site is listing and improvements you can make for better ranking.

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The BIG Three... uh Five
The main search engines you'll want to get your site listed at are Google, Bing and Yahoo!, plus Ask with about 0.02% of the market share (and there's Baidu in China). All other minor search engines harvest your link from this bunch once you're listed. Take a gander at our fancy schmancy pie chart here!

Global Seaarch Rankings

Submission: Search Engine Tools
Setup a tools account at the following websites to submit your website and sitemap.xml file to have all your webpages listed. See also sitemaps below on this page.

Google Tools
MSN Bing Webmaster Tools (Bing and Yahoo!)
Google Verification & Analytics Support

Search Engine Basic Submission
It can take up to two weeks to be listed at Google. Other search engines can take anywhere from a few days to upwards of 3 months.

Submit to Google
Submit to Yahoo! (Bing)
Submit to MSN Bing

AOL search uses Google Submit.

Ask automatically crawls the Web, so if you have links pointing at your site from other sites, it will get included naturally. See also "sitemaps" below.

DuckDuckGo gets sites from Yahoo! and Bing listings.

Advanced: Sitemaps and robots.txt Files
Using a sitemap.xml on your website is the best SE submission technique. It is highly recommended that you add a sitemap XML file to your website so search engines can better find all your website pages. Once you create the sitemap.xml file you will want to submit your site map through the following websites:

Submit sitemap through Google Tools
Submit sitemap through MSN Bing Webmaster Tools (Bing and Yahoo!)

XML-Sitemaps Sitemap Generator
Click here to view more sitemap XML help

What Allwebco uses: We have been using the ($19.00) "Unlimited Sitemap Generator" on our website for many years and have had no problems of any kind. You can optionally generate sitemaps for small websites for free on their website as well.

Optionally you may want to create and upload a robots.txt, then add the location of your sitemap to your robots.txt. Here is a sample robots.txt. Use caution when creating or editing a robots.txt file. It tells search engines how to list your website.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /cgi-bin/

You can use Notepad to create this file and upload it to the root folder in your hosting area where your index.html is located. Replace "" with your domain in the above example and upload a sitemap.xml to your hosting area. The "Disallow: /cgi-bin/" line keeps search engines out of the "cgi-bin" folder. See also:

More robots.txt help at Bing webmaster tools
See robots.txt at Wikipedia

Search Engine Listing Services
If you search at Google there are many services available that submit your website for you. If you have Allwebco hosting we do provide a free service to submit your website to all major search engines. contact hosting for more info. In addition to submitting your website to search engines, consider also optimizing your webpages.

If you want to get listed in major search engines without too much work on your end, check out the following submission services. These are not sites that are recommended so you'll want to check out what services they offer. (this service has be around since 1996)
Add Me!
Website Submission (Google Search)

Top Pay Per Click Websites
For guaranteed top listings check out the following pay-per-click programs:

Google AdWords
Microsoft Bing Ads
Yahoo! Advertising (Microsoft)
Marchex Adhere PPC
LookSmart PPC
LinkedIn PPC

Search engine shares
For more details on search engine ratings see optimization help.

Search Engine Global Rankings for January 2016

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