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Sticky Note Search Applications
Search scripts from any vendor can be added to any website or Allwebco template. In most cases the search script provider will include instructions and support to add it to your webpages. You can search at Google or Yahoo! for search script applications. PHP or CGI search scripts are recommended to use with HTML templates.

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Note: This support page is for templates that do not include a search. If your template includes a search.js or search box, see the help.html included with your template download for the correct setup info and support links.

Google site search
One option is to use the Google search engine to search your site only. Google offers both free and ad-free paid site search applications. Go to Google Site Search.

Recommended search scripts
Below is a link to the script we are using in our support center for site searches. It can be downloaded and added to your template if you have Allwebco hosting or if your hosting setup includes a cgi-bin. We do not provide support for this add-in, however it is not too complex for a cgi script if you follow the included instructions.

AWSD Websearch
The script is called WebSearch and was written by Darryl C. Burgdorf.

For the latest version, go to to download the script.

...or download here:

Download Download Websearch Script

Web Search

Web Search