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Pinned Note Slideshow
This free script can be used on any website personal or business. Allows for a small responsive slideshow to be integrated into a text area to display a slideshow of images related to the article.

Example Slideshow
The following is a working sample of the responsive slideshow addon outlined on this page. Follow the steps below to add this image display script to your website or web template. This script works on HTML5, HTML 4.01 and responsive webpages.


Step #1: Download
Click here to download the .zip file with the html page example, css style file, slideshow Javascript and step by step instructions. Put these files in your website folder. They should not overwrite any existing files.

Copy the "slideshow-addon" folder from the zip file into your website folder.

Step #2: Setup
Open the "slideshow-help.html" included in the download and follow the instructions.

Step #3: Options and testing
You can edit the button colors, AutoPlay speed and add more slides. Check the included help page for slideshow options. After you add this to your webpage test in multiple browsers and devices. See also error checking your webpages.

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