Gallery Slideshow Setup

Support for basic version single slideshows

Gallery Slideshow Setup
Support for Allwebco templates with a single slideshow.htm. This support page is not for jQuery or Lytebox slideshows. Refer to the "help.html" included with your template download for the correct support links.

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Slideshow options
In non-jQuery, non-Lytebox slideshows you'll be editing the "slideshow.htm". You can add and remove images, set the autoplay speed, add and remove or change the buttons, remove the watermark, or remove the right click or optional zoom feature.

Setting up the images
Open the "slideshow.htm" in a plain text editor like Notepad, or in HTML source code view in your HTML editing software. You'll see a list of images in the source code. Edit the area after the "EDIT THIS AREA" note.
Setup Images

Changing the speed
Edit the "var rotate_delay" near the top of the "slideshow.htm" or in the "slideshow.js":
Change Speed

Remove right click protection
If you want to remove the right click protection, or change the message text, you will find the script code near the top of the "slideshow.htm". Or your template may include a "right_click_protection.js" with options near the top of the file.
Right Click Protection

Changing the starting slide
In most cases the template slideshow will start on slide "Fgallery1-1.jpg". This can be changed to start with any slide or even a welcome image. Click visual below to view the code you can edit in the "slideshow.htm".
Starting Slide

Adding and removing buttons
Button code is located in the "slideshow.htm". You can add and remove buttons as you need.

Slideshow watermarks
Some Allwebco templates include layered auto watermarks. You can edit the watermark image, adjust the placement or turn off or remove the watermark.

Slideshows with number buttons
This section does not refer to the gallery numbered menu, this section is for the number buttons that may be included just above, or just below the slideshow starting image, next to the slide back and forward buttons.

The slideshow may include number buttons that key to specific starting gallery images. If you need to add a number button, you must also add a new function for the button. The functions are near the top of the "slideshow.htm".
Number Buttons

Slideshows with zoom links
Slideshows may include zoom links or icons. Options may be in the "sidebar-viewer.js", "zoom.js", or the zoom code may be in the "slideshow.htm" source code. A note should indicate the ZOOM code area.

Options may be included to turn off the zoom with a yes or no, and set the zoom amount for the various stages of zoom.