Pages or Files Not Updating After Uploading

Website template upload problems and solutions

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Problems when viewing on-line website webpages and files. Common problems and solutions for FTP uploading or publishing HTML webpages and website templates.

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Refresh your browser
Be sure to hit your refresh button in your browser software. If your website includes a "footer.htm" you may need to open that on the server separately ( and refresh it, then open one of your regular webpages.

Empty your browser cache
Some browser software will "cache" websites. You may need to empty your cache. This function can usually be found under the menu item "tools" then "options" or "internet options". In Firefox this is then under "Privacy". If you can not find the "clear cache" option in your browser try a Google search for help.

Uploading to the wrong folder
You may be uploading to the wrong folder in your hosting login. See: where to upload your website template files.

Check file and folder names
Hosting is case sensitive. Double check your file names. See areas of the template are missing after uploading for other possible issues.

Uploading to the wrong account
Check and be sure you are uploading to the correct hosting domain or account.

Check on other devices
Try checking your site on another computer or mobile device. If the site is updated on this other computer then this is probably a browser "cache" problem.

Other possible problems
Perhaps the file was never updated in the first place. See: pages or files not updating on your local computer.

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