Vote, Quiz and Poll Scripts

Interactive website applications

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Adding interactive applications like a vote, quiz or poll requires a server side script. Server side indicates that the application needs to be an executable script installed on the web hosting server, as opposed to a "client side" script (Javascript, jQuery) indicating that the script will execute through a web browser.

Installing scripts
Check in your hosting control panel to see what types of applications you can install. Many hosting companies offer a selection of free scripts included with your hosting package.

Optionally you can search on-line for voting, polling and quiz applications. You'll want to use a PHP, or CGI script. Use an ASP script if you have Windows type hosting.

Using IFrames with interactive scripts
An easy way to embed a vote, poll or quiz directly into a template HTML page is by using IFrame code. Some scripts may work embedded inside an IFrame, and some may not. Be sure to test the embedded page in multiple browsers to see that it is working properly.

See: Responsive IFrames tutorial