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Responsive HTML5 video application for websites and templates

Sticky Note Responsive Video
Free script for personal or business websites. Responsive HTML5 video code for all CSS3 compliant web browsers and devices. With this addon you'll need to convert your videos to 4 different formats. This script is responsive but will also work on non-responsive websites.
Video popup example
The video popup uses external css and Javascript "calls" added to your webpage head section. The video is responsive HTML5. The width of the popup and video is editable, and all fonts and colors are edited in the included css file.

View Responsive Video Example
Sample Video
Click on the image on the left and you can view the responsive popup video.

This addon can be added to any website or Allwebco template. You'll need to convert your original video type to these 4 formats: mp4 (H.264), m4v, ogv and webm for cross-browser compliance. Instructions are included in the download. Support is not provided for this template add-on. This add-on has been tested and is compatible in IE, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari web browsers as well as most mobile devices (iPad, iPhone).

Download add-on
Once you have downloaded the .zip file, unzip the folder and look for the "help-video_popup.html" for step by step instructions and options.

download responsive video popup Download code, samples and instructions (.zip)
View help page (included with download)

You can replace all images, edit the video and popup size, edit all text, change font colors and sizes. Works in HTML5, HTML 4.01 and responsive websites. See the instructions included with the download for details.

Video file types
For help converting the four different movie file types (mp4, m4v, ogv and webm), and for troubleshooting see video conversion help.

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